الشيخ كاشف ”لأكتر”: العنف ينافي الإسلام فاستخدموا الحريات التي لدينا للرد

الشيخ كاشف ”لأكتر”: العنف ينافي الإسلام فاستخدموا الحريات التي لدينا للرد

Aktarr 15 maj 2022

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Sheikh Kashif to ”al-Aktarr”: Violence is contrary to Islam, so use the freedoms we have to respond.

Special interview … Sheikh Kashif Virk and his comrades have been touring all regions of Sweden for years as part of the “Ask a Muslim” campaign aimed at introducing Swedes to an Islam different from what they see in the media. Today, after tensions escalated over the Paludan demonstrations to burn the Koran, their campaign has come to light further, prompting Aktarr to meet him and ask him some questions about their thoughts and opinions.

What is the purpose of your campaign? To make a good response, in accordance with the saying of God Almighty in the Noble Qur’an: “Respond in a manner that is better,” this is in our opinion the best defense, as we use the freedoms granted by Sweden to us in order to serve Islam and serve society before that. Today we have a lot of people who look positively at this project.We see that some people use freedom of expression in order to show hatred and stir up strife, but we want to use our freedom in a good way, as using it in a bad way will lead us to be like Paludan who does not show his opinion, but wants to spread hatred in society.

What cities do you visit

We visited more than 40 cities in total visits. But at this stage of the tour we started from Borås then Jönköping and Linköping, and we are now in Norrköping, and we will finish our tour after another city.Were you harassed or racist during your tour?No thank God we didn’t get any harassment There are people who are angry about our existence and our work, but we have not been subjected to any racist acts.

How do you see the reaction of the Swedish public? And how do you find him treating you?

Feedback is generally good. Some thank us for what we do, others ask us questions. Others ask us why we stand against freedom of opinion in Sweden, they answer that we are for freedom of opinion in Sweden, and that we are using our freedom but better than far-rights. And if there is a threat to freedom in Sweden, it is not Muslims who are the cause, but those who use freedom badly.

What message would you like to send to the Swedish people?

My message is for Muslims in Sweden: this country gives us the opportunity to live and to show an opinion, to do the pillars of our religion without anyone preventing us from doing it, building mosques or anything else. That is why we must abide by the saying of God: ”And who is better than he who calls to God and does peace.” That’s why we have to use the freedoms we enjoy to serve our religion and society, so we refrain from offending and teach people correctly about us and our religion, these people only know about us what the media tells them.

What do you think of the violent demonstrations against Paludan?

We strongly and firmly condemn it, it is not permissible, and it is against the law, against morality and against the Islamic religion.

How do you think people should deal with demonstrations by Paludan?

”Reply in the best manner”… We have to use the same freedoms he uses in order to present the correct image of Islam to society, if the Swedes knew what the Quran says, they would not find the need to attack it. This hadith is not only for ordinary people, but also for Arab imams who keep praying in mosques, is their responsibility first, and then the responsibility of every Muslim to serve Islam through his good education.

Do you want to say one last word to the audience of ”Aktarr”

I want to thank you very much, I am not an Arab and you gave me a chance to tell my opinion on your site. I was born here and I belong to Pakistan, studied Islam at the Ahmadiyya University of London, and then returned to serve Islam in Stockholm.